Nest Hello Ring Doorbell Colorful Silicone Skins – Protect, Camouflage, UV and weather Resistant by Clovertale (Black)
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Product Info

  • Brand: Fstop Labs
  • Manufacturer: CloverTale


  • Nest Ring Doorbell protective UV resistant silicon covers, waterproof and weatherproof. Various colors available, choose ones to help the doorbell to blend in or stand out to deter others.
  • Super simple installation - takes 5 seconds or less, just slide it on! Please note the holes side will need to go on the bottom.
  • High quality silicon protects against insects, weather elements and helps keep your doorbell pristine.
  • Does not block the speaker, microphone or camera.
  • Package contains: 1 Nest Ring Doorbell silicon cover, lifetime warranty, if it breaks, we will replace it for free.

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