iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus case Geometric, Akna Collection Flexible Silicon Cover for Both iPhone 7 Plus & 8 Plus (932-U.S)
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Product Info

  • Brand: Akna
  • EAN: 0611885601901
  • Manufacturer: Akna Inc.


  • Perfectly fit for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Duel-layer technology provide extremely protectiveness
  • 3rd generation of fingerReaction technology provides bouncy button reaction and durability
  • The newest high definition graphics represent great quality
  • Sleek, stylish and pocket-friendly

Product Reviews:

The newest Akna Case with so many improvements. No only with impact-force-absorb performance, but also with improvement of durability of fingerReaction technology. Benefit for high definition graphic designs, Akna Case looks even better than our previous version.