Switch Screen Protector Glass, PORTHOLIC [2 Pack] [Works While Docking] Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch [2017] - Bubble Free/ Crystal Clear/ Scratch Resistant/ Shatterproof
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Product Info

  • Brand: PORTHOLIC
  • Manufacturer: PORTHOLIC


  • 【Excellent Clarity】 Ultra-clear, High Definition Screen Protector with 99.9% transparency creates an optimal and natural viewing experience and preserves the HD quality of the display.
  • 【Sensitivity】 The ultra-thin protector is incredibly sensitive, with a light film that ensures original touch experience and allows the Switch to dock into the console hub with ease.
  • 【Amazing Durability】 9H Hardness and scratch resistance provide an armor for your screen. Reliable and resilient screen protector makes you no need to worry about accidents.
  • 【Best Performance-Price Ratio】 Our flexible screen protector is easy to install and leaves no residue when removed, possesses an oil and water resistant coating which repels fingerprints.
  • 【Quality Warranty】 Comes with a lifetime warranty that covers shipping damages, wrong item claims and damaged goods or defective accessories. Kindly contact us via support@oneplusthreetech.com with queries about size, problems setting up or anything else that disrupts your gaming experience.

Product Reviews:

The world is brighter through our ultra-clear screen

Specially designed for your Nintendo Switch display! This screen protector preserves the HD quality of the display through its 99% transparency feature, which allows for an optimal and natural viewing experience. Dive into the world of gaming with our switch screen protector!

A screen protector that you can barely feel

This well packaged screen protector is made with light but durable material. Ultra-thin at 0.24mm, will not interfere with slotting the switch into the home console hub, and with responsive touch controls and no stickiness. An all but invisible screen protector that offers you easy control and high sensitivity.

Never worry about accidents again

The tempered glass has a 9H hardness rating, the strongest rating for tempered glass, which provides incredible shock absorption and protection against scratches.

Best Performance-Price Ratio ever

Portholic screen protectors are very flexible and cannot be cracked. Installation is extremely easy and child-friendly. The oleophobic coating resists water and oil and repels fingerprints, makes the glass easy to clean.

Quality Warranty - the best in Quality and Service

Lifetime warranty included. Kindly contact us in the event of any major damage or problems with your purchase. We warmly welcome queries from our customers and will normally provide answers within 24 hours.

Works With:

Nintendo Switch


TRANSPARENT tempered glass for Nintendo Switch

Kit Contains:

2 × Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

2 × Wet Cleaning Wipe

2 × Dry Cleaning Wipe

2 × Dust-absorber

Guide stickers

Installation Instruction