Mission Power USB Cable for Powering Roku Stick
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Product Info

  • Brand: Mission Power
  • EAN: 0019962612633
  • Manufacturer: Mission Cables


  • Eliminates the need for an AC power outlet.
  • Compatible with all powered USB ports.
  • Includes special power management circuitry that enhances the peak power capability of the USB port.
  • Ideal length (10 inches) for conviently connecting Roku Stick to TV's side USB/HDMI ports.
  • Roku Stick not included. Compatible with all generations of Roku Stick. Patent Pending.

Product Reviews:

Eliminate the hassle of finding an AC outlet near your TV

Mission Power USB cable allows you to power your Roku Stick directly from your TV's USB port. It's the quickest and simplest way to set up your Roku Stick.

Special Embedded Circuitry

Mission Power USB cable includes proprietary circuitry that stores excess power from the USB port and then releases it during brief intervals when the Roku's power load exceeds the power output capability of the USB port. In this way, the Mission Power USB power cable is able to increase the peak power capability of your TV's USB port.

Compatible with all USB ports

The Mission Power USB cable for Roku Stick works with any powered USB port. No matter how you use Roku Stick, you can be assured that your USB port will provide sufficient power when using this special cable.