Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter ADABUNNY Lightning Connector to 3.5mm AUX Female Audio Jack Earphone Extender Jack Stereo for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus - Not Support IOS 10.3
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  • Brand: ADABUNNY
  • Manufacturer: ADABUNNY


  • Only ADABUNNY and Amazon direct are authorized sellers. All others may be counterfeit. We will not authorize returns or warranties from those sellers
  • iPhone 7 comes with EarPods that only have a Lightning connector. If you still want to listen through your old headphones, you can plug them in using a 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter.
  • Use an existing pair of 3.5mm headphones with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Made by High quality material, luscious, textured for sense and durable for use. PLEASE NOTE: No calling function and No music control, can Not work with the latest iOS 10.3
  • Troubleshooting : Kindly update to the latest iOS version. when using it in car, be especially careful to ensure that the adapter is fully plugged in to the phone and that the wire is not routed in such a way that that connection can be disturbed.
  • Look into the headphone jack to see if you can detect any lint.If you see lint, blow into the headphone jack or shoot some compressed air into it.

Product Reviews:

Premium Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Adapter, Adabunny Headphone Jack Adapter Cable Converter for iphone 7 / 7 plus

Mature technology, high efficiency production equipment, strict product monitoring
After rigorous testing, our products meet the higher quality requirements.Every customers will get the best product and survice. Our 2 in 1 Audio Adapters will make your iphone to reach its full function.

Environmental protection rubber and High quality wire
Line appearance is bright enough and luster is uniform distribution, Use non-toxic environmental protection TPE material which is wear-resistant and durable. The appropriate length of line makes it not easy to tie and convenient to be arranged.

High rate transmission and clear sound quality
100% Copper wire core offers Nondestructive digital sound quality, you are able to more arbitrary to listen to music and video audio tracks.

High quality metal joint produced with first-class technology
The metal joint adopts the high quality aluminum alloy material which has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, rust resistance and long lifetime, keeps highly fit with the lightning interface.

A new product in the information era which perfectly combines the technology and philosophy of life, with which you will be able to much easier and convenient when you are going out on a business trip, tour or holiday. Just take your phone's earphone or headphone and then both work at the same time, you can enjoy the leisure.

Compatible with iphone 7 / 7 plus / 6s / 6s plus / 6 / 6 plus / 5s / 5 / 5se / ipad / ipod

Package included:
Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Aapter , 2-year warranty and our kindly customer service