KontrolFreek Destiny 2 CQC Signature Edition for PlayStation 4 Controller (PS4)
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Product Info

  • Brand: KontrolFreek
  • EAN: 0611720409723
  • Manufacturer: KontrolFreek


  • Designed in collaboration with Bungie for use in the Destiny universe
  • Hybrid thumb surface design for exceptional comfort and grip
  • Mid-height for little-to-no adjustment period
  • Better quickness and control at short-to-medium ranges

Product Reviews:

KontrolFreek's Destiny 2 CQCTM Signature Edition is the perfect loot for gamers seeking victory in the Destiny universe. Developed in collaboration with the game designer, Bungie, this limited-edition Performance Thumbstick set is optimal for achieving the speed and steady aim necessary to rise as a Guardian legend. With a golden Tricorn design, it features a hybrid surface that is optimal for the explicit demands of Destiny gaming including close quarter brawls and mid-to-long range PvP and PvE battles. The mid-range height adds only 8.0mm to your OEM sticks for a nearly seamless feel and minimal adjustment time, ensuring you play better, faster. The thumbsticks are also perfect for younger gamers or guardians with smaller hands.