Cabinet Door Bumper,Clear Bumpon Blister Pack (100 Bumpons)
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  • Brand: la mie CÂLINE
  • EAN: 0192188448436
  • Manufacturer: la mie CÂLINE


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  • Soft-durometer two stage impact resistance greatly reduces noise
  • Material:SiliconeClear
  • Adhesive back
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -This product is backed with hassle free 90 days item return or replacement warranty.

Product Reviews:

"Product uses: Glass plastic pad can be easily adsorbed on the glass surface, and easy to remove, no residue on the glass surface, can prevent the contact surface friction, avoid contact with the surface scratch. The glass pad which has beautiful appearance, anti-skid, anti-collision, shockproof, anti scratch effect, with people's living standard improved, glass adhesive pads have been common in various high-grade furniture, display, electronic products, handicrafts, furniture products, metal products and so on. Product function: With shockproof, anti-skid, anti scratch, anti scratch appearance, high transparency, widely used in glass, glass crafts, display, household appliances, furniture products, hardware accessories, metal products, transparent plastic products etc. Storage: The product should be stored in dry and ventilated place, away from heat, leave the ground and the wall above 20cm, packed in plastic bags, to avoid being affected by acid, alkali, oil and other corrosive substances. Don't open the air to avoid direct sunlight".