Live Green 100 ft Expandable Garden Hose by Water Hose Nickel Plated Brass Fittings | 8 Spray Nozzle Included | Light Weight Retractable in Seconds (100, Black)
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  • Brand: Live Green
  • EAN: 0600140314571
  • Manufacturer: Live Green


  • LIFETIME WARRANTY. This 2018 ALL NEW hose was built to last. This 3/4" expandable garden hose comprises of the best quality. The hose itself is made with a strong TOUGH RUBBER INNER CORE and COVERED with HIGH QUALITY NYLON WEBBING. COMMERCIAL GRADE NICKEL PLATED, SOLID BRASS CONNECTORS keeps the hose from leaking.
  • 100' Black Expandable Garden Hose is TANGLE, KNOT AND KINK FREE. Because of its extremely light weight and the material it's made of you no longer have to deal with knots or tangles. When water is turned on the hose EXPANDS to maximum length. When water is turned off the hose RETRACTS back to its normal size making it easy to move or carry around.
  • FREE 8 SPRAY NOZZLE INCLUDED. This offer is for a limited time only so be sure to purchase the MAGIC EXPANDABLE GARDEN HOSE TODAY.
  • DOUBLE LAYER CONSTRUCTION. Flex Hose Expandable and Retractable in Seconds. Made like a fire hose, our PRO GREEN MODEL is nearly THREE TIMES STRONGER than the original expandable yard hose. The dual layer system creates added strength along with great durability.
  • NO MORE LEAKS. We included EXTRA THICK RUBBER WASHERS on the ends to prevent the hose from leaking.

Product Reviews:

Live Green 3/4" Expandable Magic Garden Hose is the Best on the market. We offer (3) separate hose lengths (50ft, 75ft and 100ft).

BUILT TO LAST: ISO 9001 and CE Certified to ensure a unique top quality product. Our Magic Expandable Hose was built with a super thick rubber inner hose and covered with our ultra tough nylon webbing. A standard 50 ft garden hose can endure 15 BAR max pressure. The Pro Green Hose can withstand 30 BAR max pressure. Fitted with Nickel Plated, Solid Brass fittings in order to prevent corrosion. Since we stand behind our hose quality, we have added a Lifetime Warranty.

HOW IT WORKS: The Expandable hose is an amazing product that expands (3) times its original length when filled with water. Once turned off, the hose retracts back to its normal size. It's easy to use making watering easy and hastle free. Great for watering flowers, watering the lawn and washing the car.

DURABLE, FLEXIBLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This all weather hose is Twist FREE, Tangle FREE and Kink FREE. It is extremely light and easy to carry. Includes easy release connectors./p>

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