[8-PACK] RinoGear for Fitbit Charge 2 Screen Protector [Active Protection] Flexible HD Invisible Clear Shield Anti-Bubble Film
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Product Info

  • Brand: RinoGear
  • EAN: 0648236963210
  • Manufacturer: RinoGear


  • ---[ PLEASE READ ]--- This screen protector is a "Wet Install" film (not glass); For first-time installers of this type of product, please make sure to read and follow the included instructions
  • THE ORIGINAL active screen protector for Fitbit Charge 2 - designed for active use, precision laser cut for perfect fitment; made with unique flexible "skin" material
  • ULTRA CLEAR & BUBBLE-FREE Fitbit Charge 2 Screen Protector - crystal clear clarity, invisible, high-definition with glass-like surface and "Touch Accurate" feel allows 100% touchscreen functionality
  • ERROR-PROOF easy installation via "liquid application" which allows multiple adjustments during the procedure; Works with most Fitbit Charge 2 Cases
  • RISK FREE - Backed by 100% money back guarantee. BONUS: Includes Lifetime Replacement Program. Protect your precious screen and CLICK ADD TO CART!

Product Reviews:

---[ PLEASE READ ]--- This screen protector is a "Wet Install" film (not glass). For first-time installers of this type of product, please make sure to read and follow the included instructions.

Are you tired of screen protectors that:

- Get scratched easily?
- Only give you one chance to install it in position?
- Distort the images on your screen?
- Simply do not provide adequate protection?

INTRODUCING: RinoGear -- The Original Active Screen Protectors

• Active Protection - Designed for active use, highly flexible, damage protection.
• Military-Grade Material - Virtually indestructible film used by the military to protect aircraft surfaces.
• Easy Application - Installation is done by "wet application" which allows you to re-position the film as many times on the surface unlike typical screen protectors.
• Bubble Free and Anti-Yellowing - Advanced polymer adhesive is used to prevent the forming of air bubbles and discoloration.

Why Use A Screen Protector?

ALL Screens Get Damaged:
Despite the grade of glass, screens still scratch or get damaged. Even so-called unscratchable glass still get scratched. Our tests have proven that no type of screen is invulnerable from damage

Damage Comes From Anywhere / Anytime:
New tech devices such as smartwatches or phones are expensive. Even placing it in a pocket or purse can ruin it. Don't risk damaging your tech by not protecting it.

Why Use RinoGear SHIELD?

Tested Under Harsh Active Conditions:
Our screen protectors are put to harsh and extreme conditions by runners, hikers, cyclists, and the like. It can most definitely handle regular wear & tear even if you're not active.

What's Included?

• RinoGear film
• Microfiber cleaning cloth
• Installation assist card
• Detailed instructions