Headphone Case Hard Protective Travel Carrying Case for bluetooth wireless Headset Earbuds Earphone AirPods Keep Headsets away from Damaged
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  • Brand: WEN
  • EAN: 1909071916083
  • Manufacturer: WEN


  • AWAY FROM DAMAGED - Bluetooth Headphones wireless Headset Earbuds Earphone are Safe Inside, Because The carrying case Provides with Protection and Keep Headsets away from Damaged.
  • HEADPHONES PROTECTOR - Hard Bluetooth Headphones Case Protect your Wireless Headsets away From Wet Dirt and Dust. Because the Portable Earphones Case Assemble and Install with Hard PU Leather Material.
  • POCKET MINI SIZE - Small Enough to Hold in Hand or into Pants Pocket ,Coat Pocket, Bag Pack , Briefcase Bag,Luggage. It is a Convenient Carry Portable Bag in any Way.
  • CRUSH RESISTANT- Leather Surface and Cloth Inner,The durable and Anti-Shock Material Protect the Headphones in a Good Way.
  • FUNCTIONAL - it Also Fit for USB Flash Disk, iPod shuffle, MP3, Charger and Cable, Key, Coin, Memory Card ......it is a Portable Small Mini Bag.

Product Reviews:

WenCase - Keep your Handbag Neat and Make you Happy and Relaxed either Work or Travel.


That's just How You Live

So Take Take Take
Take it all
and Go

Headsets Protector
Hard PU Leather Material outside
Soft clothe Material inside

Fit For Many Things
Bluetooth Headphones
USB Flash Disk
iPod Shuffle
Charger and Cable
Memory Card

2.76 in x 2.76 in x 1 in
Weight : 
0.35 OZ

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