Mini Voice Recorder - Voice Activated Recording - 286 Hours Recordings Capacity - up to 24 Hours Battery Life - Password Protection - 2018 Upgrade - aTTo digital
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Product Info

  • Brand: aTTo digital
  • EAN: 0754097311371
  • Manufacturer: aTTo digital


  • UNIQUE DESIGN & PASSWORD PROTECTED RECORDINGS: We invite you to watch the video from the pictures gallery to see why aTTo is so different. It's so small that it can be fit almost anywhere you think of ! 24 hours battery life when fully charged at 32kbs record quality, 1 hour recharging time, 286 hours maximum capacity, at 32kbs quality. PLEASE download VLC PLAYER for LISTENING the AUDIO FILES.
  • ULTRA SMALL DIMENSIONS - Conveniently fits in any pocket or purse for easy access and portability. ONLY 1.22*1.06*0.41 inch and 0.31 ounces weight. PASSWORD PROTECTED RECORDINGS - a 4 digits password can be added on the 4GB built-in memory so that nobody can access your secret recordings. Works with any PC and MAC computer and Android devices. NOT COMPATIBLE with Iphone and Ipad.
  • VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDING with Selectable Level for sound activation record, with TIME/DATE STAMP on audio file - aTTo voice recorder will automatically start recording when sound is detected and you can record in a way to avoid long hours of silent recordings, or you can choose continuous recording. All of this will be available for up to 24 hours battery life or until the memory is full if you choose to keep plug it in a power bank device.
  • USER FRIENDLY - Although complex compared to similar devices on the market, aTTo voice recorder is so intuitive it can be used even by less experienced users as long as they use the default factory settings and are familiar to using a Regular USB Drive. The default settings are good enough for a quality voice recording with the sound sensor enabled, with a battery life of about 20 hours.
  • BEST TECHNICAL SUPPORT EVER - response time to our customers is 15 minutes to several hours maximum. INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO available also. Please ask anything you need, anytime. None of those who gave a negative review have ever contacted us. We offer LIFETIME SUPPORT just for you to be sure that you make a wise investment in our device and you don't just spend some money on it.

Product Reviews:

The Smallest 24 Hours Voice Activated Recorder Ever Built (using 32kbs Recording Quality)! Protect The Interests Of Your Person, Family & Business In The Most Reliable Way - Starting Today!

Do you think you have a reason to worry that there's something going on behind your back?

If you're looking for a good quality and reliable voice recorder, we may just have exactly what you need!

aTTo-4GB HQ Audio Recorder Module - Your Best Shot At Quality Voice Recorder!

Designed to be subtle and practical, this amazing audio recorder device has a slew of high end features that place it miles ahead of conventional mini voice recorders.


Technical Specs:

  • Innovative Password Protected Recordings
  • Display turn off automatically after 10 seconds
  • Minimalist and elegant design, compact format
  • Outer dimensions - 1.22*1.06*0.41 in
  • Weight – 0.31 ounces
  • Battery - rechargeable 120mAh/up to 24 hours in record mode
  • Audio format - .WAV - require to install free VLC Player for listen the files.
  • Voice Activated Sensor Built-In + Recording while Charging
  • Recording quality - Selectable 32, 192, 384 or 1536 kbps up to 20 feet
  • Built-in memory 4GB – 286, 47, 18 or 6 hours (depending on the selected quality)
  • Configurable voice activated sensor
  • Can be used as a 4GB flash drive to keep your private data protected with a 4 digits password
  • TimeStamp on Recordings
  • Operating system -Windows 7/8/10, macOS, Android devices (You cannot listen the audio files on an Iphone or Ipad).

The package contains:

  • aTTo-4GB digital voice recorder
  • USB cable
  • User’s manual

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